Adding a Property & Setting Quiet Hours

The first step in setting up your sensor is to Add a Property to your account.

From the main page on your NoiseAware Dashboard, click "Add Property" from the left menu bar. Enter your Property Details for the property where you are setting up your first NoiseAware sensor.

Each NoiseAware sensor needs to have a designated property to associate with. When you receive an alert from NoiseAware about a noise problem it will let you know the property where the problem has occurred.

Setting Quiet Hours

Your property will need specific quiet hours. To set your quiet hours choose your preferred start and end time. Quiet Hours are the time frame that you would want to be notified with the noise level in your property is above the threshold you've set. We only alert you when there's a noise event during these specified quiet hours.

24 Hour Setting: You do have the ability to have your quiet hours be 24 hours or All Day. This means that we will notify you at ANY time during the day when there is a noise problem.

Some customers like setting their start time for quiet hours 1 hour before their set quiet hours begin. Many cities have quiet hours start time of 10 pm so setting your NoiseAware quiet hours to start at 9 pm gives you the ability to proactively know if your guest are getting to be too loud right before quiet hours begin.

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