How do I mount my outdoor sensor?

How do I mount my outdoor sensor?

Before you mount your outdoor sensor, we recommend reviewing this guide on outdoor sensor placment:

Click here to check out our guide on outdoor sensor placement

Mounting with double-sided tape

Once you have selected a good place to put the sensor, its now time to get it mounted. The easiest option for mounting is to use our mounting tape supplied in the box. Please make sure the area is completely dry before you attempt to mount the sensor with mounting tape.

The mounting tape works best in dryer climates, and may need to be replaced more often in humid climates. To attach the double sided tape, start by peeling off the top layer like this:

Then stick the sticky side to your sensor like this:

Peel off the last piece of paper right before you are about to mount your sensor. Once you press your sensor into the surface, press down and hold it for about 10 seconds. This will make sure its really STUCK ON. 

Mounting with zip-ties

To mount with zip ties, put the zip tie through the slit on the sensor like this:

Once the zip-tie is through the hole, wrap it around the desired mounting position as tightly as possible by pulling the thinner end through the head of the zip-tie. Please make sure this is zip-tied very tightly and to a strong surface. Any movement of the sensor due to a loose zip-tie or the physical structure moving back and forth will cause 'noise'.

Mounting the sensor with a screw

The exact type of screw will depend on the surface you are mounting to. There are different screws for wood, drywall, concrete and stucco. Screwing can be a little more complicated depending on the type of surface you are screwing the sensor to. The first step will be separating your sensor in to 3 pieces like this:

You can then mount the mounting bracket (the bottom piece) by putting a screw through the center hole like this:

If you are having trouble popping off the lower piece, it can help to use the provided zip ties for leverage and pulling the zip-ties as hard as you can away from the gray bottom piece.

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