Noise Risk Score

There's more to sound than just decibels! It's why our team aimed to develop something that was more advanced at measuring noise within a particular environment. In our case, that environment has been homes - from large vacation homes to urban multifamily units, we realized that decibels were simply not enough.

So it was born, our proprietary algorithm, the Noise Risk Score (or NRS). Coupling NRS with our noise detection technology makes understanding noise in different environments much easier.

Our Noise Risk Score goes beyond the sporadic and instantaneous measurement of a decibel, to bring you context and deeper insight. We track not only how loud it is, but how long it is loud for. We combine this with a number of other factors to bring you the contextual noise risk score. Nobody wants a text every time your guest sneezes.

What we do want to know is what's happening at the property, so that you can be made more aware and take action. Noise Risk Score is sophisticated in tracking as many variables as possible; in other words, our sensors are more accurate than reading decibels alone. Awesome, right?!

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