Where should I setup my outdoor sensor

Selecting your location for your outdoor sensor

The outdoor sensor should be setup within 100-150 feet of your indoor sensor depending on line of sight. The outdoor sensor is designed to pick up noise near activity zones. Here is a good visualization of good outdoor sensor locations

When setting up sensors outdoors, try to avoid setting them up in an areas where wind is prone to gather. Here is a good visualization of how wind vectors increase wind speed on a patio, avoid placing the sensors anywhere near the green arrows.

You should also avoid placing the outdoor sensor on any unstable structures like a tree limb or bush. If the sensors move often or vibrate this will affect their ability to measure noise. Avoid placing the sensors within direct line of sight of your pool pump or air conditioning unit.

There is a slight notch on the gray ring around the sensor like this. The better the line of sight, the stronger the signal strength will be. The outdoor sensors can be 100-150 feet from the indoor sensor. The line of sight is determined by the antenna, which is pointed at this notch:

The antenna runs across the black line and broadcasts outward in the direction of the red/yellow waves. Lining up that notch to be pointed 90 degrees away from your indoor sensor can help improve range if you are pushing across long distances or going through a lot of various obstructions, such as walls, appliances or plumbing.

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